Adam James Associates offer 3 distinct tailored solutions for our clients to choose from.

Each ensures that the client is always in control and the solution suits your every need.

Dedicated Consultant
Vacancy Consultation (30 Minutes)
Allocated Search Time
Database Search
Consultant Network Search
Job Board Search
Social Searching
Advertising Via Company Website
Vacancy Consultation via Video (60 Minutes)
Managed Service
Priority Allocated Search Time of Dedicated Consultant
Headhunt Passive Candidates From Competitors
Competitor Analysis (Salaries, Trends, Movements etc..)
Access To All Exclusive Candidates
Paid Advertising Via Major Job Boards
Picture “Asset” Advertising Across Social Media Networks
Maximum Allocated Search Time of Dedicated Consultant
Vacancy Consultation (Face to Face in a UK Destination)
Video Advertising across Social Media Channels
All Candidates Met Face to Face
First Refusal of Candidates
Research Assistance
P60 Checking
Verbal Reference Checking
Post Placement Candidate Care
(OPTIONAL) Psychometric Profiling

Contingent Search:

We work with you alongside many other agencies and whoever fills the role get the fee. This typically offers a 20% success rate due to the nature of the “rat race” of all the various recruitment agencies trying to submit candidates that match your requirements, as quickly as possible. 

Exclusive Search:

No other agencies will be engaged during the agreed period of time (typically 4 weeks). This typically offers a 60% success rate due to the in depth search, Priority Allocated Search Time, Paid Advertising and Asset Advertising across Social Media.  

Retained Search:

We won’t stop searching until we have filled your position so no stone will be left unturned during our search, meaning you can have peace of mind in knowing that the best person for the job will be found! This typically offers a 95% success rate due to the in depth search, Maximum Allocated Search Time, Video Advertising and First Refusal to candidates in the Market.  

The fee payable is still exactly the same, however the final anticipated fee is paid at 3 stages: 

  • We charge an upfront none-refundable fee to conduct the search
  • A fee is payable upon 1st stage meetings 
  • A final fee payable upon candidate starting