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Entry into the Adam James Associates Referral Scheme is deemed to be acceptance of these terms and conditions:

  • You must already be registered with Adam James 

  • The candidate must not already be registered with Adam James 

  • Adam James must not have had contact with the referred candidate in last 12 months

  • You must register the candidate by filling out the "candidate referral form" which includes their full name and contact number 

  • Where the candidate is introduced by more than one person, only the first application received by Adam James will qualify

  • The candidate must be successfully placed, and start with a client, within six months of the date of your introduction.

  • The candidate must remain in the client’s employment for a minimum period of 12 weeks after which the gift will be given.

  • Payment will only be made once Adam James has received payment from the client.

  • In the event of any dispute, the company’s decision shall be final.

  • Payment of the referral gift is only due on initial placement – further placements are excluded.

  • The referral gift detailed in this scheme is a net payment. You are responsible for any taxes, as required by law, arising from the provision of the referral gift.

  • There is no limit to the number of candidates you may refer.

  • Any successful referee may be required by Adam James to participate in a photo, audio, or video and the referee hereby acknowledges that Adam James  has the right to use such photos, videos, or audio pieces in any medium and in any reasonable manner for any purpose as they may see fit.

  • Adam James will notify the referee either by telephone or in writing of the arrangements for collection or delivery of a prize. The company shall use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that prizes are received by the actual referee but it accepts no responsibility for any failure to do so. 

  • Please allow up to 28 days for delivery of a prize.

  • The company reserves the right to alter the conditions of the referral scheme or cancel the scheme without written notice.

  • This offer is not available to Adam James employees.

  • Should the Apple Watch reward be chosen, instead of the cash prize, you will be receive with a 40mm Apple Watch SE,
    with GPS connectivity and regular size strap, in a choice of colour based on the website.  

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